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Areas of Focus

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As farm income returns to normal levels, gaps continue to grow

While farm income is expected to return to normal levels in 2024, the gap between the largest, most successful farmers and their poorer neighbors continues to grow. Increasing farm subsidies, as some...

Protein predicament: Health concerns about protein bars

Protein bars might not immediately come to mind when you think of unhealthy foods, but some aren’t as beneficial as they seem. Many bars sold today contain large amounts of ultra-processed ingredients...

Increasing crop reference prices would hurt young farmers

Increasing price guarantees for major crops, as some farm groups and legislators are proposing, would make it harder for young farmers – those aged 35 or younger – to compete against larger, legacy...

How to buy a mattress without toxic chemicals

How hard can it be to buy a mattress? The answer: There’s more to consider with this big ticket consumer item than you might suspect – including your health. A mattress is a purchase you may make only...

Replacement flame retardant chemicals linked to preterm birth, new study finds

A new study finds a link between premature birth and exposure to organophosphate ester flame retardants, or OPEs, used in furniture and foam for mattresses and more. The study also found the risk of...

Heartbreaking: Harmful food dyes in Valentine’s Day candy

Heart-shaped candies, the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day sweet treats, may contain potentially problematic food dyes – likely at levels that are harmful to health.

Battle in California court shows urgent need to expand, not limit, solar in the state

A legal fight in California could determine whether the state will meet its clean energy and climate goals – or whether power companies’ greed could prevent millions of hardworking residents from...

Pucker up for less: Lipsticks that won’t break the bank this Valentine’s Day

The right lipstick could be the cherry on top of your Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you’re getting ready for a dinner date or looking for the perfect gift for your partner, lipstick may be the...

7 reasons to add more plants to your diet

You probably know plant-based and plant-forward diets have considerable benefits. But you might not know the exact benefits.. Do they help your health? The environment?

Hundreds of chemicals in everyday consumer products may increase breast cancer risk

More than 900 chemicals found in cosmetics, drinking water, food and cleaning supplies used by millions of Americans every day may cause biological changes linked to risk of developing breast cancer...

Companies fight to keep consumers in the dark about chemicals in cleaners

During the cold winter months you may spend more time inside than out. And you may do more cleaning, especially because it’s also the flu and COVID season. But before you reach for that spray cleaner...

E. coli from factory farms threatens America's leafy greens

A single enormous cattle feeding operation potentially threatens the safety of thousands of acres of leafy greens grown in the U.S. during the colder months, an EWG analysis shows.

Soothe dry skin this winter with safer balms and salves

One of the effects of colder temperatures is that everything dries out, including our skin. Balms and salves to the rescue.

7 ways to detox your home (and keep it clean) year ‘round

If you’ve ever thought about making changes in your household routine to lower your exposure to toxic chemicals, you may be put off by how daunting it seems.

Reforming federal cosmetics law: What is the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act?

Almost a year ago, President Joe Biden signed the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022, or MoCRA, into law, marking the first significant update to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic...

Plant-powered holiday dishes approved by EWG

For the festive season, EWG is dishing out some green gastronomic advice with mouthwatering plant-based recipes – perfect for a healthy and happy time over the holidays.

Life-saving antibiotics in jeopardy from growing use in factory-farmed animals

The use of medically important antibiotics in farm animals grew by 12 percent between 2017 and 2022, further jeopardizing the effectiveness of these life-saving drugs.

Resolve to make your 2024 diet more environmentally friendly

New year, new you – but the same, if not worsening, climate crisis we’ve been experiencing. As you think ahead to resolutions and fresh starts in 2024, you can improve your own well-being and that of...

1 EWG staffer, 4 New Year’s resolutions

I joined EWG in June 2022, after a series of unexpected events that I can (mostly) attribute to the global pandemic. Though I had always loved learning about ways to create a healthier life for myself...

5 wetland species swamped by toxic ‘forever chemicals’

Wetlands like bogs and swamps are found across the United States, and although wetland habitats only make up about one percent of the earth’s surface, they are considered some of the most biologically...
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