Putting What Matters Most into Focus

It shouldn’t be hard to make informed, safe choices when you’re buying your favorite personal care products, drinking water or feeding your family.

But it is.  

We know there’s a lot of noise around the issues we all care about. EWG conducts research and gathers information about consumer products, cosmetics, energy and toxic chemicals. To us, these aren’t just “current trends.” They’re essential elements for living good, healthy lives. We have the right to know what’s in these essential goods, and who's standing up for our public health. 

Key Issues

Crypto mine

Change the Code, Not the Climate

The ‘currency of the future’ is dragging us into the past when it comes to the urgent battle to save the climate.

All Areas of Focus

Vegetables at grocery store

Food & Water

Everyone deserves access to safe and clean food and water. We push for tougher regulations to keep our food and water safe.

Farming & Agriculture

EWG works to find innovative ways to protect your health and environment while ensuring a sustainable future for America’s working farmers.
Makeup and brush

Personal Care Products

The last time personal care product safety laws were updated, it was the Great Depression. Now, a bipartisan effort plans to makeover cosmetics legislation.
Woman cleaning

Household & Consumer Products

Many of our favorite, everyday items contain toxic ingredients. We've done the work to help you choose safer products.


From wind to solar and other renewable energy sources, the clean energy revolution is here. And EWG is helping pave the way.
Mother father and child

Family Health

From reproductive health to healthy snacks, making the best choices for your family can be overwhelming. We've got the research and expertise to help.
Toxic chemicals

Toxic Chemicals

Chemical companies aren't required to test chemicals for safety before they go on the market. We offer resources to help you make better, safer decisions.

Regional Issues

EWG spotlights regional issues in California and the Midwest. We help raise awareness and hold industries accountable – for your health, for your environment.
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