We’re not just another nonprofit environmental group – we’re a nationwide community

We're advocates who won't quit. We're scientists that find solutions. We're people trying to make the safest choices for our health. At the Environmental Working Group, we believe that you should have easy access to the information you need to make smart, healthy choices. It’s this belief that inspired our president and co-founder, Ken Cook, to create EWG.  

Since 1993, we've worked tirelessly to protect public health. Whether it's spotlighting harmful industry standards, speaking out against outdated government legislation or empowering consumers with breakthrough education and research, we're in this fight. 

And we're not going anywhere.

Our Mission

How do you get to know your environment? What does it mean to protect your health? How do we get answers to questions about the goods we need to survive?  

These are big questions, and we’ve spent the last three decades finding answers to help you make informed choices to live a healthy life.

EWG's committment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At EWG, we are dedicated to advancing environmental health for all. We firmly believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential principles in achieving our mission. We are committed to creating a world where everyone, regardless of their background or identity, can live a healthy life in a healthy environment.

EWG understands that science cannot be truly effective if it is not relevant to the lives of those affected. EWG actively engages and collaborates with communities facing environmental health disparities. We are unequivocal in our stance against hate, bias, discrimination and prejudice in all forms. EWG acknowledges that historical and structural inequities have disproportionately harmed certain communities, leading to disparities in environmental health outcomes. We are dedicated to dismantling these barriers and working toward just and fair solutions that provide equal access to healthy products and a healthy environment for all.

At EWG, we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space where all individuals feel respected, valued and empowered to participate fully. We actively seek to foster an inclusive culture that encourages collaboration, learning from one another, and building collective strength in our pursuit of a healthier environment for everyone. EWG celebrates and welcomes people of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, religious beliefs and socioeconomic backgrounds. We understand that diverse perspectives and insights enrich our work, helping us to identify and address environmental health challenges from multiple angles. We work toward this through an active diversity, equity and inclusion committee, internal education campaigns, transparent demographic reporting to organizations like Green 2.0, partnerships on federal advocacy campaigns with diverse grassroots and environmental justice organizations, and investment in third-party pay analysis.

Together, we can create a world where environmental health and equality go hand in hand and where the benefits of a healthier environment are accessible to every person, irrespective of their identity or background. Join us on our journey to champion diversity, pursue equity and cultivate inclusion for a better and healthier world.

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EWG Fights for You

Since 1993, the Environmental Working Group has shined a spotlight on outdated legislation, harmful agricultural practices and industry loopholes that pose a risk to our health and the health of our environment.

Whether it’s on Capitol Hill or in communities across America, we make our voices heard, changing the debate over environmental health and putting the most important people – you and your family – at the center of the conversation.

The story of EWG

EWG co-founder and president Ken Cook explains a short history of the Environmental Working Group and his vision for EWG in the next 20 years.

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