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Pumpkin spice surprise – the toxic chemicals lurking in ‘fragrance’

Background Starbucks introduced its autumn drink Pumpkin Spice Latte a few days earlier this year than last. Once that happens, we know we’re in peak pumpkin spice season. That coffee drink’s success...

New study finds possible link between ultra-processed foods and depression

Here’s one more reason to cut back on highly processed foods, especially those containing artificial sweeteners : They’re associated with a higher risk of depression, a new study finds. The paper,...

Pocket pickers: Eight cotton farms picking taxpayer pockets

After collecting taxpayer-funded subsidies for 37 years straight, eight cotton farms have received over $10 million each – and now some members of Congress want to give them even more. From 1985 to...

Farm bill for the few?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently pleaded with Congress to reform farm policies to serve the “many and the most,” not the few, citing data showing family farms lagging behind their bigger...

Latest nuclear power boondoggle barrels toward North Carolina

Lawmakers in North Carolina may soon make the misguided step of designating nuclear power “clean energy,” a change that would encourage Duke Energy’s foolhardy plan to throw away millions or even...

USDA conservation funding benefits all farmers, not just rice, cotton and peanut farmers

All farmers and ranchers – regardless of what they grow or where they live – can participate in Department of Agriculture conservation programs.

How to buy a safer crib mattress

Babies spend most of their time in a crib. But many crib mattresses contain toxic chemicals that can harm the baby.

Update: Federal facilities struggle to routinely offer plant-based or vegetarian options

Many federal facilities still don’t follow voluntary federal guidelines on providing adequate plant-based or vegetarian meal options a year after EWG last highlighted the problem.

Despite new climate-smart funds, agricultural conservation programs remain oversubscribed

The Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, set aside $19.5 billion for agricultural conservation programs that pay farmers to implement conservation practices that reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas...

What are VOCs?

If you’ve ever inexplicably felt sick around a new mattress or curtains, using air freshener, or visiting a nail salon, it could be you’re affected by chemicals called volatile organic compounds, or...

Freezer finds: Toxic chemicals in frozen meals may cause health harms

Frozen dinners can be helpful when you don’t have the time or energy to prepare a fresh meal – quick and easy, especially given their long freezer life. But some brands include toxic chemicals you don...

Calls to increase crop reference prices would help fewer than 6,000 farmers

Some farm groups and legislators have proposed increasing price guarantees for major crops. But the higher price guarantees would mostly benefit fewer than 6,000 farms in a few states, EWG found.

Mattress chemicals you could be sleeping on

On average, Americans spend almost nine hours a day sleeping – a huge amount of time. When you also factor in time just relaxing in bed, maybe reading or scrolling on a phone, it adds up to a...

What is titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is a food additive that can be found in over 3,000 different products in EWG’s Food Scores database.

USDA livestock subsidies top $59 billion

The Department of Agriculture has spent at least $59 billion in subsidies for livestock and seafood producers since 1995, according to a new EWG analysis.

The New Lede

The nonprofit news outlet The New Lede, launched as an EWG project in May 2022, is a recognized and trusted source for in-depth reporting on important environment and human health stories across the U...

Why one innovative sunscreen company wants their products EWG VERIFIED®

Why would a sunscreen company want to get EWG VERIFIED®? It’s a question we asked Autumn Blum, founder of Stream2Sea, which makes the only mineral-based sunscreens to be tested and proven safe for...

Funky fruit snack ingredients: School day treats may contain harmful chemicals

After the summer, it can seem daunting to return to the rhythm of packing school lunches with healthy snacks. Packaged fruit snacks are an easy addition to a child’s lunch bag or pocket for a quick...

CDC: August is peak month for toxic algae illness

In the last few weeks of August, your dog may face a higher risk of algae poisoning than ever.

New research: PFAS detected in some menstrual and incontinence products

Many menstrual and incontinence products contain the harmful “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, according to new testing by university researchers.
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