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Areas of Focus

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It’s no-shave November, not no-care November: Caring for your facial hair

For millions of men all over the country, it’s the hairiest time of the year. Whether they’re growing mustaches for Movember or leaving their facial hair untouched for No Shave November it’s safe to...

Increasing price guarantees would likely send more farm subsidies to large partnerships

Some farm groups and Republican legislators have proposed increasing price guarantees for a few major crops, and farm subsidies along with them. But farm subsidies mostly benefit the largest and...

Use of sweeteners exploding despite regulatory vacuum

Despite growing health concerns and little government oversight, the use of sweeteners in processed foods and drinks has exploded over the past decade, an EWG analysis shows.

In the race for the plant-based foods market, the U.S. is falling behind

Although they are the world’s leading producer of plant-based foods, U.S. farmers and food companies are quickly falling behind.

What is TCE? Learn about this notorious chemical and the EPA’s proposed ban

The Biden Environmental Protection Agency proposed a long-overdue ban on most uses of trichloroethylene in October. But what is this chemical and why is it concerning?

USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program needs reform to improve climate benefits

The Department of Agriculture recently announced changes it has made since 2021 to the Conservation Reserve Program, or CRP, to improve how it can reduce farmers’ greenhouse gas emissions. This...

EWG: Schools near pesticide spray zones could lose health protections

Thousands of schools are located near farms across the U.S. where pesticide may be sprayed, , an EWG analysis finds. But some members of Congress want to block state and local safeguards that protect...

Study: Consumption of ultra-processed foods may cause harmful ‘food addiction’

If you have trouble stopping with just one potato chip or slice of frozen pizza once you get started, you’re not alone. Fourteen percent of adults and 12 percent of kids show characteristics of “food...

EWG petitions FDA to ban two toxic additives in popular Halloween candy

Halloween is here and consumers are buying up massive quantities of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters – or to eat themselves.

Making meals without microplastics: Tips for safer cutting boards

Depending on the type of cutting board you use, your home-cooked meals could be contaminated with an unlikely ingredient – microplastics – according to a recent study . For the research, published in...

‘Forever chemicals’ – the part of cleaning you don’t want to last

Whether your home is a minimalist’s haven or the epitome of maximalism, it requires regular cleaning. But many cleaning and maintenance products can contain the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS...

No tricks, just treats: A nutritionist shares how new California food safety law will make Halloween healthier

When clinical nutritionist Stacy Roy takes her daughter Neela trick-or-treating this Halloween, she’ll be thinking about the ingredients in the candy handed out – but not just for that night.

Millionaire CEOs run companies getting billions from the federal Crop Insurance Program

In the 2023 Farm Bill, lawmakers are looking everywhere for savings to fund their priority programs. One possible source of savings: big insurance companies’ federal Crop Insurance Program overhead...

Rice to riches: Sixteen rice farms padding their pockets with taxpayer dollars

Just sixteen rice farms in the U.S. have each received at least $10 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies while earning record profits – and now some members of Congress want to give them even more.

Congressional chaos imperils critical chemical safety reviews

If anything good came of recent brinkmanship over federal spending, it might be the reminder that large parts of the economy depend on the federal government. Everything from medical research to food...

EWG scores crucial victories with three new California laws to protect your health

In a major win for people aiming to live healthier lives, EWG has helped usher in six new California laws that will reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in food, cosmetics and other products – and...

What you can do about the environmental risk factors that can lead to breast cancer

Cancer affects all communities. And breast cancer can occur in people of all genders

Giving IRA conservation funds to farm subsidies threatens millions of cover crop acres

Millions of potential cover crop acres that may help reduce farming’s greenhouse gas emissions could be lost under a plan to shift $19.5 billion in Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, funding from...

What’s in your water bottle? Concerns about microplastics in caps

When you drink from a plastic water bottle, you could be exposing yourself to tiny, potentially harmful plastic particles known as microplastics. And the biggest source of your exposure to these...

Despite record farm income and subsidies, some seek even more handouts

Despite enjoying record levels of subsidies and profits for large farms, and farm household income well above the U.S. average, some lawmakers want to increase farm subsidies for cotton, rice and...
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