Make an appointment with Dr. Heyworth


For Cosmetic appointments – injectable anti wrinkle therapy and Fillers only.

– No referral letter required.

– Request an appointment on-line click here OR call 9721 6633 requesting a Cosmetic
appointment. It is important to request “Cosmetic” as this is a different clinic from the others.

How to get an appointment to see Dr Heyworth at Southwest Eye Surgeons for all other problems:

You can either get a referral made by your optometrist, your GP, Accident and Emergency physicians or hospital doctors. If the situation is urgent they will need to telephone the clinic during normal hours. If it is an out of hour’s referral you will need to attend the Accident and Emergency department. Referrals can be made by letter or fax. We screen these letters every day and an appointment is offered based upon urgency and clinical need.