Overview – Facial assessment

My approach to problems associated with the ageing face, or cosmetic issues related to the upper face and eyelid area is that “less is more”. To me the “Barbie Doll” with stretched and inanimate features is not a dignified representation of age-appropriate beauty. I recommend a subtler approach, where you look good for your age, but do not have the cosmetically manipulated look.

When I assess you, I will ask you which features you would like addressed, and will discuss why things are as they are, in simple anatomical terms. I will then explain which treatment, and in which areas, will be most likely to give you the most satisfactory outcome.

As part of my assessment I aim to identify issues of function, such as:

  • Skin hoods that rest uncomfortably upon the lashes, or even obscure upper vision field
  • Eyelids that are droopy
  • Eyebrows that are too low or asymmetric, resulting in an abnormal head posture or headache from excess use of the eyebrow lifting muscles

There is a large repertoire of procedures that can be performed to correct these kinds of problems.

Sometimes surgery is not necessary and excellent results may be achieved with BOTOX® therapy or Fillers.

These pictures demonstrate ageing change comparisons.