Whilst injectable anti-wrinkle agents is effective in treating dynamic wrinkles, eg those which appear when activating the facial muscles, it is less effective with permanent wrinkles and folds. The introduction of hyaluronic acid fillers since 2003, has given us another treatment option. Previous fillers made of wax, silicone and collagen have all had their own problems, including hypersensitivity (allergic) reactions.

With ageing changes the tissues atrophy, contributing to permanent folds and wrinkles. By injecting fillers into the deeper layers of the skin and the tissues beneath the skin, these folds and wrinkles can effectively be smoothed out, restoring a youthful appearance.

The advantages of hyaluronic acid based products, is that they are very well tolerated; they produce minimal side-effects and complications, and have a far better acceptance and safety profile than previous fillers. The beneficial effects of these fillers continues for up to eighteen months following treatment.

There are small risks associated with the use of fillers – these will be discussed with you before you commit to treatment.

This lady has received fillers to the tear troughs – before (L) and after (R) treatment.